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INPROL Publications

Currently, there are two streams of INPROL publications: Research Memoranda; and Practitioners Guides.

A Research Memorandum is drafted in response to a member query posted on INPROL’s Rule of Law Forum or Police Forum. It draws upon member responses posted on the forums in response to the query, but is also the product of independent, high-quality research on the question at hand conducted by the INPROL Research Team. Formerly, Research Memoranda were called “Consolidated Responses”. Archived Consolidated Responses are included in the new website as Research Memoranda.

A Practitioner’s Guide is a primer on a specific rule of law issue or area. It seeks to provide an introduction and overview of this area, as well as distilling best practices and approaches, where relevant.

  • August 15, 2010

    Establishing an Independent Police Oversight Body

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    Independent police oversight bodies ensure police accountability. The process of establishing a police oversight body can be framed through the following seven steps: (1) determining the method to legally establish the oversight body; (2) defining the purpose of the oversight body; (3) defining the jurisdiction of the oversight body; (4) selecting the model of the oversight body; (5) defining the powers of the oversight body; (6) defining the complainant; and (7) determining the procedure by which the oversight body carries out its functions.

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